If you are a person who likes to sit down and watch tv soaps or movies, you might be so occupied by this that you don’t take enough time off to go out and have a healthy workout. So why would you change this to start getting into shape ?


There are multiple reasons why you should want to do this. First of all, think about what you want to become and what you want to look back to when you’re old! Do you want to remember all those times you went out with friends, family… and have a good time being fit a fit person? or do you want to remember all the times you were sitting on a coach, watching one boring show after another? Getting to do a workout doesn’t have to mean that you can’t watch your favorite programs either.why work out

You can easily take an hour out of your day to go and do some high intensity interval training OR you can do some bench presses at the gym. Afterwards – as a personal reward- you can watch that show you like. Working out shouldn’t go unrewarded and getting into shape shouldn’t be the only reward you give yourself. Watching that show you like feels a lot better if you already did you workout that day and it beats eating pizza or drinking soda!After some time, when the workouts start to become part of your daily routing, you’ll start enjoying in more and perhaps even more than sitting in front of your television for a movie. You can still be that person who knows everything about Game of Thrones.
But why don’t you try to be – at the same time – that fit person you always wanted to be? Now you even have something to talk about with your running partner while running that 10k you where aiming for that day.

Working out doesn’t only benefit you, it also benefits your direct surroundings. Think about the example you want to be for you son, your daughter or your wife. Do you want to see your family end up in front of a box that displays images all day or in front of a computer screen playing video games?Or Do you want your son to look up to you because you’re this fit and good looking person that he can brag about in school to his friends? Whatever it is you enjoy, your children will most likely also enjoy it. You set the example for them and you’ll want them to become the best they can be in life!

Think about what’s most important to you : them being in shape or them knowing the exact order of all the movies Bruce Willis was casted for?

Many of you think that watching television is a good thing because it enables you to let go of your stress and to forget everything that happened that day. However, this isn’t always the case. Most of the time you’ll get more angry about certain things that happened or certain soaps will keep you busy all night long. As you’ll probably know, this isn’t a good way to relieve you of your stress. And it’ll most likely reduce the amount of sleep you get due to your brains thinking about all of this. It isn’t beneficial for you eyesight either.

Working out however is very good for your body and it also helps you let go of the stress your body experienced during the day. It’s a good way of letting go of all of the bad and negative things that you have to cope with during the day.

why work out

Kevin Spinnoy wrote this article for our site and we want to thank him for contributing this inspiring article to us and also congratulate him for making a life change! He is on his way to become his best and fittest self ever!
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