Our goal :
Help you get most out of life, physically and mentally.


How do you ask?
We’ll provide you with the most useful information on how to transform your life for the better.
We’ll also make sure you stay motivated!
And of course there is personal training that will get you in the best shape of your life. (for when you need that little extmotivationra push)

Powerpressive is led by people who are passionate about training and developing a better way of life.
We want to help and empower you, we’re going back to the raw basic, the warriors way.
Mind and body working together, quality over quantity.
When you look around on the internet for information you’ll find nothing but an information overload. Some articles will say opposite things, others might be right (or not).
We’ll give you what works!

We believe that you have an impact bigger than you can imagine.

At this very moment you’re having an impact on A LOT more people than you think.
How can you keep that burning desire lit to keep carrying on? Ask yourself the question, who is being helped by what you are doing? even if it’s just one person, a better son or a better friend…

My mind was quiet, quiet but furiously adding up all the pieces in my head, The “aha” struck me and I realized the mass amount of power, responsibility my actions carry. Not just me, each of us hold this force of responsibility that makes us so powerful. We are so stuck in our own world that we’re blind to what we can do as a single person. How many of us have been convinced that we wan’t do anything? That our actions mean nothing? That we have to live our lives the way society wants us? That we are powerless, can’t control our fate or destiny?
No greater lie has been told to you! I am telling you that you are so powerful that no matter what you do, when where, why and how we do it, our actions will always affect some other life, for the better or the worse.

If you go to the gym to lose weight and/or to become stronger, your mama, papa, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, friends, hell even a random kid from across the street will see your efforts to your cause and this will plant the seed that could save their life. Just pushing that little bit harder can create the extra ripples to wash someone back onto shore.
This can be their turning point in life to take action to! You showed them that it’s possible. And if you can do it, why shouldn’t they at least try it?

We will help you get most out of your life, physically and mentally.

Ruben Baestaens


I’m Ruben Baestaens and I’m the owner of Powerpressive.  I’m a student and entrepreneur who loves to be active and I’m passionate about helping others in the areas of fitness, health and motivation.
At the moment I’m a marketing student in Belgium. I’ve also worked at a fitness center, which allows me to put my skills to work. I also got my official personal training certification.

I founded the Powerpressive network with the hope it would enlighten a new generation of sportive men and women with a “rise to the challenge” mentality.