First of amaxim Lambreghtsll who is Maxime Lambreghts?

Maxime Lambreghts started the fitness lifestyle at the age of 12. He didn’t just do it to look good, he did it because he had love for the sport.
He loves the pump, achieving the pump is what every bodybuilder strives for. And of-course there was the feeling after the workout, the moment you feel great and are happy you’ve put everything you had into that last rep.
After school he went straight home, got his fitness clothes and ran to the gym as fast as possible.
First there was the gym and then there was homework. Talking about priorities!

Now he lives by the moto : “you can always do one more”
He explaines that it’s more than just one more rep, it’s about having that little small extra in life that will make the difference in the end.
You never know when you’ve done enough but if you don’t quit now and keep on doing one more, than at the end we’ll now if it was enough.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I always live with certain goals in mind, without goals you’re not getting anywhere and your life has no direction.
That’s the reason I set goals for myself, I want to live for something, I need something to strive for.

So what goals do you have left?

I want to become a Belgian bodybuilding champion.
And if it’s possible I want to participate in some European bodybuilding competitions.
But the most important thing for me is living healthy and being fit al year round.

What challenged you the most?

What challenged me the most was my first competition. Mainly because I didn’t really knew what to expect. Luckily my coach Patrick Alleman and my sponsor first class nutrition were there to help me out.
Because of them I could just live on automatic pilot.

My first competition went pretty good, I finished in second place.
Now I’ve enrolled in 3 competition which got me 2 times second place in the Netherlands and third place in Belgium.

What tip would you give someone that just started his or her fitness journey?

My number one tip for a beginner would be to take your time.
Don’t expect that you’ll look as your favorite fitness model in a day, don’t even believe thats possible.
This wil only get you demotivated and it will get you in a negative spiral. Take your time to grow and to accomplish your goals.
This journey takes time but in the end it’s all worth it.

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