We have all been there. That moment when you’re close to giving up, the moment you’re ready to admit your loss… Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you solve your problems! Find out the top reasons you’re not losing weight and what to do about it :weight


– You want to much to fast :

Magazines want you to think that you can lose 10 kg in a couple of weeks.
Is this possible? YES.  Can you keep the results? NO. You can do a complete  crash diet that will turn your metabolic system to shreds. But is it worth it? Do you want to take fat-burners for the rest of your life? I guess not. It took time to gain all that weight, so it’s only natural that it’ll take time to lose it again.

You might have heard it before but losing weight isn’t about a diet or magic pills. It’s about creating a lasting lifestyle for yourself. Don’t believe all those flashy hypes and classy diets you see on the television and in magazines! You should understand that they’re only out on your money. If there isn’t going to be a new hype, there isn’t any money to obtain.

If you are serious about making a commitment and you have the desire and the will to make a lasting change in your life, then you should have a look at our packages and find out how we can help you.

– The moment you are stressing, you start to bench eat :

We’ve all been there, you have a deadline or you have some problems and those chips and ice cream seem really appealing at that moment. And so what, I’m working hard so I can have a treat here and there. Right?
Yeah of course you can have a treat here and there but not every evening in front of the tv or when you have a little stress. Try to apply the rule of 2 : Don’t make 2 mistakes in a row. You cheated on your breakfast, no problem, just make sure you’re not cheating on anything else that day. Don’t make a second mistake. AND no, not the whole day is lost! See it as a chance to get back on the right track.
Keep your mind on your food, don’t eat mindlessly because you’re bored. Instead drink a glass of water and go on a stroll. Afterwards you’ll probably notice that you weren’t even hungry at all.

What can you do about it?
Start keeping a food schedule and look back at it on regular times. You’ll probably notice that you’re eating or drinking more than you think. Eliminate those empty calories!

– You’re eating to little :

If I stop eating I should lose weight right? Yeah you should, but only in the beginning. Your metabolism will notice that you’ll eat less food and it will start with a saving mode to keep you alive. This will have the result that you’ll feel bad because you’re eating to little, you’re not getting enough nutrients and you’ll lack energy.

What should you do then?
First get yourself informed! This will make the biggest and fastest difference. If you know what you’re doing and take out the guesswork everything will go much easier and faster, trust me on this one. Eat more of the food that’s good for you. Try to eat more vegetables, fruit and sources of protein and less saturated fats and junk food. By just making this small change you’ll see gigantic results! promise.

– Your “diet” and training are mismatched :weight

You want to grow and you start bulking, what do you do? You have no clue what you should do. “eat a lot of food and make sure to get extra calories in”. Yeah you’re right on that but what do you eat? And on top of that you’re doing endless hours of cardio because you’re used to it. After a while you realize there isn’t showing any difference and you probably  get discouraged.

As I’ve said before GET INFORMED!
We live in an era where you can find all the information you can dream about online. The only thing you should do is get your computer or cellphone and search it on Google or any other search engine. These 10 minutes you need to research something can save you months of hard work.

There are 2 types of bulking. You can do it clean or you can do it dirty :

Dirty bulking means that you eat everything you can and as much of it as you can possible shove into your mouth. Nutritional value isn’t of any importance just calories in and out.

Clean bulking is when you try to gain as much weight ass possible but you only eat quality food and you take care of your macronutrients. You try to gain weight without fat.

Just for the record :
Clean Bulk = GOOD
Dirty Bulk = BAD

– You’re not resting enough :

You recover when you sleep, that’s it. If you’ve bad sleeping habits you’re going to have a bad recovery. If you keep pushing your body to its limit without a chance to let it recover it isn’t going to keep on improving. You’ll find your breaking point rather sooner than later with this approach.

Try to get in at least  8 hours of quality sleep each night.

Final words :

Well we had to top reasons I could think of about why you aren’t seeing the results you deserve. So the moral of these article is that you should never give up! Find out where you’re lacking and adjust it, find a way around and make it work. I believe in you! You should never give up on what you really want. Remember that it takes time to achieve your dreams, otherwise more people would do it! Separate yourself from the pack and show the world who you really are and what you can become!

If I forgot to mention a reason don’t hesitate to point that out in the comment section below.