We all experience cravings from time to time but what separates the legend and the average person is what you’ll do with that craving feeling. Leave average behind with these snacks instead of eating chips and other junk food.


You should know that eating and nutrition is as important as the training itself, maybe even more important. If your nutrition isn’t right, your results will probably be off too. Remember that you can’t out-train a bad diet!

So as promised in the title, here are 5 healthy and high in protein snacks you can get yourself without much effort. Of course these aren’t the only healthy snacks you can find but they’re easy and don’t need a lot of work to prepare. Be ready to fight your temptations with these healthy snacks :

1. Nuts and Seeds :

Yes I’m talking about the natural sort not salted or sugar-coated! Nuts have a lot of protein in them but also healthy fats. But you need to watch your calorie intake if you’re snacking on them. Nonetheless they’re still a great filling option when you don’t want to cook.snacks

2. Beef Jerkey :

It’s high in protein and low in fat. This will get you the extra protein you need to repair your muscles and tissue to grow and to help you reach your potential. Another plus point is that you can take it with you. Wherever you are, you’ll have your proteins with you!

3. Oatmeal :

It contains around 12g of protein for every 100g serving. If you add some (Greek) yogurt to it you’ll add another 7-9grams of protein to your healthy snack.

4. Tuna :

It’s easy to take with you and it doesn’t ask for a lot of work. You can just open a can and eat it. You’ll get around 20g of protein for each can you eat! It also contains a high amount of healthy fatty acids.
You can also throw it on a slice of brown bread or in your rice if you want a little more filling and carbs.

5. Protein powders and bars :

If you don’t want to take food with you this is a great and easy substitute. But you have to remember it’s only a supplement so you should still try to eat as much real food as possible.
On the other hand these aren’t cheap and you should keep a watch for the quality. There are some companies that don’t take health to serious and it can give you stomach issues. If this is the case you should look for another brand or test if you’re not lactose intolerant. If you bowl is inflamed you’ll not get all the nutrients out of your food and miss out on growing opportunities.

Quick tip : you can make your own protein bars and it’s much easier than you think.

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What’s your favorite healthy snack?