Do you have what it takes to give your all for the warrior challenge? Are you determined, strong, passionate and do you still have fire within?


Rise to the challenge and test yourself, find your limits and break them. Free yourself from mediocracy and prove that you can reach for immortality!

warrior challenge

Let’s start with the warrior challenge itself. What can you expect? (Don’t worry, we’ll help you train towards this goal)

I present to you, THE CHALLENGE :

– 50 burpees

– 50 pushups

– 50 squats

– 100 crunches

Great, now you’re warmed up and ready to start with the big stuff.

– 100 mountain climbers

– 50 deadlift with half your weight on the bar

– 50 squats with half your weight on the bar

– 50 bench presses with half your weightwarrior challenge

You’re at the halfway point right now, take a little break to recover

– 50 squat jumps (on a platform)

– 50 floor wipers

– 50 leg raises

– 100 side toe touches

Common keep pushing, you are almost there!

– 50 front squats with half your body weight

– 25 wide push-ups

– 25 normal pushups

– 25 small pushups

-75 cross body crunches (knee touching with elbows)

-40 body weight lunges

– 10 pull-ups and you’re DONE

Congratulations, you are officially a warrior! Now you deserve some exclusive traits! (look down below for more info)

If it challenges you, it changes youwarrior challenge

This equals one thousand reps, that’s something to be proud of!
OH and before I forget to tell you, they aren’t all done at once. This means you’ll take little rest periods every 250 reps. No not much rest, only a couple of minutes to recover.

Is this easy? HELL NO, it’s hard as ##### but you know what, it’s worth it. You’ll be able to tell others you’ve done the warrior challenge and you can prove it with a certificate. you’ll also get covered on our website, where you’ll bade in gold and silver (no you’re not but you get the point here).

Send us a video where you prove you’ve done the challenge and get featured!

How can you accomplish this task of doing the warrior challenge?

You’ll be focusing on strength and muscle exhaustion while training. You’ll be training 4-5 times a week and you’ll be watching your nutrient intake. We’ll guide you along the way with  motivation, articles and more to accomplish this fearsome result.

You’ll notice small changes in your physique in the beginning but when you finish the warrior challenge you’ll have the body of a Greek God. And that’s great because that’s what we are aiming for on our journey to immortality.


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