No it’s not necessary to take supplements. If you watch your food intake you’re good.
Can supplements help you on your road to ripped? Then the answer is YES.

So what supplements should I take?

They aren’t some magic quick fix so don’t put all your money in them. If you don’t have any money to spare I wouldn’t even recommend you use them. But in the end they will make a small difference.

If you’re training for a long time, you know how hard you have to work for every kg of muscle. And if you could get 5-10% more just by taking some protein supplement, it’s worth the price.

But remember it’s just a supplement, it isn’t an equivalent for real food.
Real food is and will always be your best bet. But I know it’s easier to sip on your protein shake to get enough protein in instead of cooking your chicken with brown rice.

There are a lot of supplements that don’t work and are just rubbish.
In my opinion the only things that you should think about spending your money on are protein and creatine.

Protein supplements :

What is this?
Protein helps you body recover.
Protein powders come in various forms. The 3 common ones are whey, soy and casein protein.

SupplementsMy personal recommendation is not to use the soy variant! Yes they’re cheaper but they aren’t worth it. There are studies saying it’ll lower you testosterone level, one of your most important hormones to build muscles.
And a lot of times soy doesn’t dissolve good in water.

Whey is the most commonly used, you drink this after your training because it’s directly absorbed.
It’s a complete protein and this has advantages : complete proteins contain all nine amino acids necessary for human dietary needs.
(tip : If you add some simple sugar to your shake after your training you’ll get more muscle mass because your muscle glycogen storage is completely depleted, simple sugars will help to replace it faster.)

It’s derived from milk and for most people this is the best all-round choice.
The whey comes in 2 forms : concentrate and isolate.

  1. Whey concentrate :

    Whey concentrate is more economical per gram of protein. It has a low lactose level that is well tolerated by most lactose-sensitive people. It has trivial amounts of fat and carbs relative to your overall nutrient intake. Whey concentrate is typically the best-selling category of whey.

  2. Whey isolate :

    Whey isolate is virtually fat-free for those wishing to eliminate as much fat from their diet as possible. It is typically lactose free for those few individuals who are very sensitive to the low-lactose levels found in whey concentrate. Whey isolate tends to taste slightly better than whey concentrate too, yet its consistency is a little thinner, without the fat.

Casein protein is the sort you take in the evening before going to bed, it takes some time to digest. The asset of casein is that it’ll deliver protein for a couple of hours to your body.

So if you’re wondering which one you should take, it depends on your goals and when you’re going to use them.
Don’t forget that you can get everything those protein powders offer by eating sources of lean protein like meat, fish, chicken and dairy products.

Creatine supplements :

Creatine typically bought in flavored or unflavored powders are mixed with liquid.
It increases the body’s ability to produce energy faster. With more energy you can train harder and more often, which will help you producing faster results.

One thing is certain : you’ll gain weight.
unfortunately most of it is water retention. So after you stop taking creatine you’ll lose some “mass”.
Don’t forget to drink enough water with it so you don’t dehydrate.

But while you’re taking it you’ll be able to lift heavier and longer so in the long run you’ll see more results with it.

Will it work for you?
Creatine is something that’s naturally in your body. It’ll depend on how much creatine you have naturally.
For some people this will give great results for others it will be really really small.
And of course you’ll need to exercise a lot, otherwise it isn’t going to work.

what supplements should i take

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I hope this cleared a lot of things up.
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