They say the hardest part of working out is getting in the gym.
Once you’re in, you’re in. The only option you have is working out (or at least pretend to).

There is no magical formula to stay motivated, motivation needs to come from within.
Here are 7 tips that will help you :

NO. 1 : Consider convenience

The easier it is to get to the gym the sooner you’ll do it. Try laying your cloths ready before you go to sleep. The next morning you only have to put them on, brush your teeth, maybe eat something and go to the gym. It’s as easy at that. Also search for a gym nearby, the closer it is the less time it takes and the easier it’ll be to establish a routine. Trust me on this one!

NO. 2 : Find a gym buddy

Find someone that holds you accountable. You don’t want to let your friend down.

NO. 3 : Keep a record

I can’t stress this enough. why? When you feel down, want to quit, completely stuck up.
Then the only thing you have to do is look back at day one and see the progress you made. Immediately you’ll feel more energetic and determined not to quit.
It’ll also give you a clear view on how you should change your training schedule to avoid a plateau.
You want to keep progressing don’t you? Just keep a log then!

NO. 4 : Set goals

Think really hard about what you want, imagine it. Then think back what you’ll have to do to get there.
Take babysteps, step by step you’ll get closer to your dream.
Try to write down long range goals as well as short range ones.
Keep in mind that it’s easier to implement a behavior and lifestyle change by doing it one step at a time.
Write your goals down and read them every day to keep the fire alive.
Remember it takes around 21 days to make something a habit.

If your goal is fat-loss then you should have a look here

N0 5 : Find something that inspires you

It can be anything that gets you fired up. like, Facebook, instagram or (hopefully) this site, whatever works for you is fine.
Inspiration can also come from others that already achieved your goal or are working towards it, just like you.

Or you can get ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse (probably not happening but this will get you prepared )

N0 6 : Reward yourself

After each session you should take a few minutes to saver the good feeling you get after exercising.
This type of internal rewards can help you make a long-term commitment.
External rewards can help too. When you reach a long range goal, treat yourself to some new cloths or new shoes.

NO 7 : Find the good reasons

Anything you do, no matter how simple has a number of good reasons behind it. You may not see it at first sight, but if you take just a few moments to analyse, you will easily spot something good. So man tasks which don’t need any reasoning at al because we’ve been doing them for so long that they feel natural.
But when you’re ever stuck with a task you hate and there seems to be no motivation for it whatsoever, here’s what you need to do :
=> find a reason for it! as this will bring you motivation and will help you finish the task.

A good reason can be : a material reward, a personal gain, a feeling of accomplishment… you name it, whatever works for you is fine.