Dammit, I don’t care if you are a guy or a girl, young or old, fat or skinny. SPORTS ARE FOR YOU.
I have played sports all my life, both competitive and for enjoyment, and I 100% believe that everyone NEEDS to just go for it.


The funny thing is, I didn’t realize this until I stopped playing sports, like the saying goes ” you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” … well lyrics I guess.
So when I hit senior high school (around year 11) something crazy happened. I stopped playing sports. I stopped moving around. I became LAZY and my life revolved around finding the best way to NOT move while I ventured through life.

I want to an extreme but I can imagine a lot of you can relate. We just stopped doing things.
Then a few years later at UNI it was the same, finding somewhere to sleep on campus was more important than being social or playing some sports.

A few years on, I pushed myself, through SO much ADVERSITY – all from my LAZY self to be active again. I will quickly tell you a few things I learnt then, I’ll get into the meat and bone of this article.

Not moving has so many more negative side effects than just putting on weight and losing stamina. It has a MASSIVE effect on your psychology.
Looking back, I was SO depressed, I never saw the light of life… instead I focused on the darkness. I joked about people trying hard because deep down I wanted to push myself as much as they did. I missed out on so many OPPORTUNITIES that life was constantly throwing at me because I had my head down and frankly ‘dropped the ball’

Not playing sports made me a negative person and made we want to do negative things. So I urge you to GET UP and find a sport that looks interesting to you.

Why sports are so beneficial!

sportLet’s start out with the most obvious reason : you increase your PHYSICAL FITNESS. wow mind blowing right?
I joke, but in all seriousness, sports are a fun way to get in cardio and even resistance training (depending on the sport.) Being fit also opens up some doors for you, I found my lack of fitness growing up, hindered the amount of fun I could have with friends. Having to sit out when I got tired and constantly feeling fragile stopped me from feeling authoritative.

Next is the amazing social aspect that sports brings ; making friends is a by-product of playing team sports. I have made some of my closest bonds with people when playing some pick-up games of basketball or the people i played side by side with in the grand final of hockey. When you share an experience so physically and emotionally intense as an amazing game or your chosen sport, you become connected to one another. Something else to think about when everyone’s schedules are overflowing with work dates and some distant relatives birthday is really hard to rack all that up into one place. But when you play a weekly game of indoor beach volleyball you are constantly keeping in contact.

The next point is going to be a “double wammy”. LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK.
Do these 2 words ring a bell? If so it’s because it’s drilled into our heads as children that employers are looking for people that can lead and those that can work with other people. Say what? Sports are going to help my career also? Damn straight it will.
If that doesn’t excite you then imagine if your leadership skills and teamwork skills were increased dramatically, what positive implications would that have in your daily life? I can tell you right now, that it will ASTONISH you.

Those were just the tip of the ice-berg. I can tell you right now that your confidence, self-belief and self esteem will grow amazingly. I CHALLENGE you to find a sport that interests you, then play it, train it and become part of that sporting scene. Then I can guarantee that you’ll come back praising me and wishing you started earlier!

What sports I personally play and why?

Now now, I don’t just aimlessly preach sports to everyone, I’m on the band wagon myself.
I train in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), play Football and I’m always shooting hoops with my mates in our backyard ( not only children play in the backyard anymore!)

I stand by BJJ any day of the week. It’s SO much fun and I never leave the mats without leaving a massive puddle of sweat on there. Don’t brush off a martial art just because you believe in peace and being nice to everyone. I never plan on using what I learn to harm anyone and the same excuse doesn’t uphold if you are a girl. I shamelessly admit it but I’ve tapped out to many girls in the past.

Now Football and Basketball are just in my blood. Growing up in the country of Australia. I spent countless hours kicking a football or playing various basketball mini-games with my mates.

Finally, don’t let anyones opinion of your sport matter to you. I sure know that a lot of English people don’t like AFL but I would play that game till the day I die. Also because I know the sport is so important and great I never have to defend my sport against another. Heated arguments about which sport is better is something I allow myself to participate on : if Billy Elliot didn’t prove that any sport is valid then I simply don’t know who could (It’s a movie about a boy who becomes a dancer, a very good movie btw)

End note:

I purposely lead this article here (sneaky sneaky). Let me open a spot in your mind, something you could think about over the next few days be asking you ; what are you passionate about? and what does passion mean to you?

For me, after hours and hours of pondering I’ve realized that passion is the essence of life!
Without passion we are aimlessly running around life hoping to one day hit something that excites us enough to keep going. So I urge you to find passion in your life. Do this and you’ll have an endless amount of energy and thought-power to accomplish it.

How does this relate to sport? sport breads passion!
Whether the sport you chose becomes the most amazing thing ever in your life or it’s simply the guiding force for you to find your passion in life. Sports will open your eyes and allow you to find your passion and life purpose.



Thank you for reading, Mike signing off.

Hello, I am the author of Path 2 greatness, I also work at a corporate bar and go to uni 5 days a week. In my spare time I write – go out with friends – browse Facebook and listen to music. I have worked hard and continue to hustle hard daily. Join my journey and start your own at  www.path-2-greatness.com.