Let me start with a quote about problems :

“What if problems were always gifts? What if every problem you ever had was life happening for you, not to you? What if everything in our lives is guided? What if everything in our life was divine timing? Everything…even the pain. When you’re in the darkest place. When you feel like all is lost. When you think there’s no way to turn it around. Remember this, victory is near. Victory is so near.”
-Tony Robbins

problemsThink about it, what if every time you think something goes bad it’s actually an opportunity.
Like they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Something bad has also something positive.
For example : If my site crashes it would really suck, but on the upside I’ll have more free time.

What if you look at adversity with a smile and just go on thinking, ‘wow, now something good is going to happen’.
Wouldn’t it be nice to live life like that?
It’s all in your mindset, you are the master of your mind and you make the decisions, not the other way around.

What if I tell you you can easily create this mindset?
It’s not as hard as you think, promise.

First of all search a purpose in your life, search for something you can build.
When I say build, I’m talking about doing something in your life. Strive for something bigger.
I mean you should work towards something. Having a goal to reach will motivate you more than you can imagine now.
That will be the reason you wake up every morning to make something out of your life instead of sleeping in.
If you don’t “build” something you’re as good as dead!

What if your problem is FEAR?
A daunting 4 letter word. But you know what, behind your fears is the person you always wanted to be.
Confront your fears to become that person!
Whats the worst that can happen?

There is practically no risk involved, only huge life-changing upside potential.
You know what’s worse then fear, the risk you’re not yet willing to make? Boredom.
Living your life day in day out thinking about “what if”…
I’d rather fail instead of having regrets.

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