When you lack motivation, what is the number 1 thing that can help you back on track?


Every month we’ll schedule a new challenge, this can vary between all aspects related to fitness.

A monthly fitness challenge is a great way to stay in shape, tone up your body, learn new exercise techniques and to do something new and exciting each and every month.

Why should you take the challenge?


The challenges will range from easy to hard so it doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gym user or a newbie.
They also complement your normal gym routine so it’s no reason to stop your own schedule. It’ll help you give that extra push!

Another asset is that most challenges you can do from your home. No need to get outside or to the gym.

Of course a challenge is fun and you’ll accomplish some personal goals throughout. But It’s even more fun when you can win prizes and be featured on this page.

Start to Impress With Powerpressive!

Our first challenge is already live : the EASY pushup-challenge.
Going from 1 – 50 reps in one month.

pushup challenge easy

15 pushups as a start may look as much if you’re just starting.
Lucky for you you don’t have to do them all at once, you can choose to do them fe. 3×5. It’s important to finish them as quick as possible for optimal results.

If you’ve finished the challenge let us know! you’ll be featured on the page to inspire others to accept the challenge

If this is to easy for you, try the HARD push-up challenge, 50 – 100reps (coming soon)


HARD-pushup challenge : When you’re finished with the easy push up challenge this is your next (upcoming) achievement.

pushup challenge hard


Why don’t you try the core challenge over from Calisthenic Movement. Show them how it’s done by the Powerpressive Community.

Monthly challenge


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