Obviously, you are reading this because you want to get big. Well, contrary to popular opinion, it is not that quite easy to pack up on pounds of lean muscle. Part of this is because you face various challenges and roadblocks beyond your control, but for the most part, you are probably not realizing your full muscle growth potential because of simple mistakes you keep making every day. The following will outline the top five of these mistakes, and offer some useful insights to help you avoid them.
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Mistake 1: You Are Not Consuming Sufficient Nutrients

Every aspiring bodybuilder says he eats a lot but still cannot gain muscle. You have probably said the same thing at some point. But guess what? If you are not as huge as you would like, then you are probably not eating enough.

Your body obeys the laws of thermodynamics, which is simply a fancy physics vocabulary to describe how your body cannot build muscle without the presence of extra energy. Hence, if you are losing muscle mass, you are not taking in sufficient energy,

If you are maintaining your muscles then you are balancing your intake with output, and if you want to gain muscle, you need to take in more energy than you are consuming. Therefore, the solution would be simply to start eating a LOT to get huge.

Before you start worrying about macro percentages or which program is best for you, just start eating.get huge

So how much do you consume a day? Are you keeping record? You do not have to track every calorie but you must stuff your face with a range of healthy foods several times a day. High quality fiber, protein, and good fats are best. Shakes are great too. So stock up your fridge with the good stuff and keep replacing it.

Do not limit your food choices because of convenience; try to mix things up every week to get the essential minerals and vitamins. Just as important as eating big is planning your meals. You are probably not eating enough food because you are not planning your meals right in the first place. Just as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

Grabbing something quickly on the way to work or eating on the go will only keep you looking like everyone else. To achieve a truly magnificent physique, you need to eat 5-6 meals a day, as well as your workout and post-workout shake.

This breaks down into early breakfast, mid-morning breakfast, lunch, early dinner and second dinner. At all cost, avoid eating infrequently and mood eating. As much as it is important to eat big each day, do not get sucked into dirty little lies about diet and muscle growth.

One such popular myth is that you must consume 300 grams of protein per day to get big. That is just a fat lie protein supplement companies cooked up to grow their bank accounts, not your pecks. It’s true most professional bodybuilders consume over 300 grams of protein per day. But they use other enhancing drugs and steroids as well to make their bodies highly efficient to use this protein to build muscle.

Mistake 2: You Do Not Stay With One Workout For Long

The number two mistake that especially most young bodybuilders are making is switching from one workout plan to another each week. I understand the frustration of not getting as big as you would like quickly and with new workout programs coming out every week promising instant results the temptation is great.get huge

However hopping from workout to workout is counterproductive. Guys who achieve great results understand they simply have to do two things;

  • Choose a program tailored to their goal,
  • Follow that program for at least 8 weeks.

Disregard the old bodybuilding myth that you have to keep your body guessing. If you are skinny you may never build the muscle you want if you are too impatient to stick to one workout program. If you are this type, the solution is simpler than you think. Pick a workout routine with heavy lifting and compound movements then stick with it for 8 weeks.

To avoid boredom, find a way to challenge yourself and do better in each exercise each week. Some of the ways you can get creative with your workout is by doing more reps, lifting heavier weights and/or shorting your rest periods. According to most fitness experts, sticking to your workout is even more important than the time you do it. Perhaps what is contributing to your workout hopping is collecting too much information. You read countless articles on nutrition and working out each day but when it comes to eating sufficiently and making it to the gym you are a hit or miss. What happens is that when you have read a bunch of stuff on working out and nutrition, you begin to think that since you know a lot, you are actually making good gains.

But when you look in the mirror, you see the same old skinny guy. Another effect of reading too much is to want to try out everything all at once.

Mistake 3: You Do Not Track Your Progress

If you want to stay skinny forever, it’s simple : Don’t track your statistics or measure your growth.

That is why successful bodybuilders measure crucial stats such as how much weight they are able to lift, how many meals they eat and how long have they been working out. Some guys also monitor their weight weekly and take monthly photos to track progress. The more things you measure the more evident your progress will be.

Tracking your workout progress is just as crucial as monitoring your meals. You want to keep track of everything you have been doing and how long you have been doing it. Keeping track, enables you to know when it is the right time to make changes to your diet (remember to get bigger you have to take more energy in than you use up).

Tracking also helps you know when to switch up your weights, reps and/or tempo. To keep building muscle, you have to apply progressive overload. So if your dumbbells start feeling lighter in your hands, you need heavier ones but you wouldn’t know that unless you are keeping record.

Another benefit of tracking your progress is to know what works and what doesn’t. There is no point of sticking with a program that is not giving you the desired results. After tracking a workout routine for two months (while observing proper diet) without seeing significant results, it’s time to move on. Again, you wouldn’t know that if you are not monitoring your progress in the first place. Once you begin tracking, you will agree it is so much easier to see what you need to do than trying to remember what you did last.

Moreover, with technology today, it is very easy to monitor your progress. Various mobile apps are available to help you do that. Or you can simply go the old school way and get a training journal to note down the basics. Make it a weekly habit to get on the scale to see if you are making any gains.

Mistake 4: Going way over the top

Dget hugeue to the overwhelming desire for most young gym goers to get big quickly, they often bite off more than they can chew. One way they do this is by lifting weights they cannot manage properly. While it is important to get stronger, poundage at all cost will kill your progress.

If you are currently doing this, the best thing is to cut back on all your weights by at least 10 percent, tighten up your workout routine to make it flawless, then slowly build your weights back over a month or two while maintaining perfect form. You will be rewarded with new growth, and then you can work into a higher poundage territory and continue the process.

Another common way most guys bite off more than they can handle is doing excessive sets and having fewer off days, which basically amounts to overworking. Scientific analysis has proven that you only need 3 work sets in each exercise and a maximum of 8 exercises in each routine to make gains. If you can perform more than 3 sets per exercise, then you are certainly loafing. Train harder so that you never have to perform more than 3 work sets in each exercise.

Along with avoiding taking on too much too soon, you should take all necessary steps to avoid injury. Injury is probably the leading killer of progress in the gym. Strive to maintain proper exercise technique. That means no excessive range of movement, no blasting into a rep, no dropping and no heaving.

All great bodybuilders know that disciplined training is all about correct form and effort. To train safely, you have to individualize your exercise selection. Despite the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying, the first rule of bodybuilding is do no harm to yourself (or at least not TO much).

If an exercise hurts despite using weights you can handle, maintaining proper form, and regulating rep speed, drop it.

Mistake 5: You Do Not Have A Mentor To Help You Out

You just don’t jump into an algebra class and expect to pass especially if you do not know how to tackle algebra. You must have a teacher. Who will help you figure out how to solve problems and pass the class?get huge

Bodybuilding is similar. If you do not know how to build muscle, you will save yourself months of frustration and probably agonizing pain if you find a teacher to help showing you the way. Even if you are some kind of fitness coach yourself, you still need a training partner to help you attend the gym persistently and push you harder.

Furthermore, you will have someone to share the experience with you. Let us get a little bit into details regarding the benefits of a training partner. The benefits of a bodybuilding mentor can be extensive for you and him/her. First, an excellent trainer will boost your zeal and intensity for training. He/she will be able to spot areas you need to improve and offer the necessary assistance for you to make gains.

At the same time, the trainer will be able to praise you on areas you are doing well and give you the moral support to keep going. He will keep you in check helping you to plan your meals, track your progress, avoid getting in over your head, and stay safe throughout the entire process. That said, it is crucial to pick the right training partner. An inappropriate training mentor can prove to be very counterproductive. They can recover quicker, tolerate more reps, sets and exercises, and maybe push you to abuse forced reps or other intensity enhancers. It is best to find someone who has done what you want to do and seek his/her advice. He should have the same recovery ability as yours so that you can use the same program to achieve impeccable workouts with intensive, progressive and proper disciplined skill.

Aim to push each other at every workout session.

Mistake 6: You Do Not Have The Right Workout Plan to Get Huge

I know. You’re probably thinking: “Wait! It’s only 5 mistakes! How can there be a sixth one?” But this is so important, that I just had to put it as a bonus for you to read.

Remember how I mentioned that sticking with one workout for longer is the better choice? Well, sticking with the right one is an even better choice. With the right workout program, you can be miles ahead of the crowd and just simply gain muscle quicker and more effectively. Having said that, there’s one specific program that I would recommend any day and that has given people the cut physique they always dreamed off. But it gets even better than that. Because this workout lets you do something so unique and unseen before, that it is simply revolutionary. So take my advice and check out what makes this workout so revolutionary : The Warrior Challenge


Finally, we come to the end of this article. With this advice you can literally crush it in the gym and make everyone jealous, so that they too want to know what you’re doing. Especially with that last trick, the cherry on the top, your gains will become revolutionary. I hope you enjoyed reading what I had to say and that you take my advice seriously. If you do, we will see each other on the cover of the next Men’s Health. And then, the legacy continues…

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