We all want to achieve that perfect bench press to astonish our friends. To show that we are the real deal. The bench press is often used to measure a guys strength but unfortunately it isn’t always easy to keep improving…
These tips and tricks to maximize your bench press are a great starting point and will help you add some weight to the bar.


This is your first step to master one of the BIG 3. Don’t worry, with some help from us you’ll amaze all of your friends with the progress you’ll make in a short time period.

maximize your bench press

If you’re reading this right now I guess you’re probably stuck at a bench press plateau. It seems that you cannot add any more weight to the bar. We understand that problem and we want to help you to become a rising star in your gym!  That’s why we’ll be giving you the necessary tips to get through the plateau.

Before we begin I want to talk about the fact that bench pressing is used to measure a guys strength. If you think about it it’s not a good indicator for what someone can achieve. Lifting the bar with heavy weights don’t necessary mean you’re in peak condition. You’re only testing you upper body strength. Don’t forget to target your legs and lower body from time to time, this will aid to increase your overall performance and strength.

Maximize your bench press with the following tips and become a pro in compound movements :

1.Power up your triceps

This is often overlooked but by powering up your triceps you’ll notice a tremendous increase in pushing power. Try to do this with cables, heavy dumbbells and barbels. Leave the machines for what they are and show that you’re willing to put in the needed work.

2. Pay extra attention to the negative phase of the exercise

A negative is the lowering phase of an exercise and it has the opportunity to shock your body into growth. This often involves using a heavy weight (more than your 1 rep max). You’ll be lowering the bar with a spotter right behind you. The spotter will make sure you won’t hurt yourself and he/she will help you get the bar back up.

3. Get enough rest and sleep.

I know this is already said a couple of times but I can’t stress this enough! If you don’t get enough rest you won’t be recovered enough for your next workout. This is one of the basic principles when working out. Whatever your goal is, sleep and rest will go a long way.

maximize your bench press

4. Get your technique in line

Do not assume that everyone of your gym is using the right technique. you’d be surprised how many experience lifters are not using the right technique. It looks like an easy exercise but don’t underestimate it. Bad techniques can develop future joint problems and hold you back.

Most common faults :

– Wrong hand placement
– Not keeping your body still throughout the exercise
– Lifting your feet off the floor
– Lowering the bar to the wrong position
– Wrong grip

5. Squeeze the bar before you start

This may sound a little weird but it does work. By squeezing the bar as hard as you can before starting you’ll pump up yourself and give a signal that you can, what do I say you NEED to lift it. Your blood flow will increase and you’ll get out more of your set.

6. Vary your grip width

By doing this, you’ll train different angles of your chest. This will have as result an increase in size and strength.

A wide grip (wider than shoulder wide) emphasizes the larger prime move muscles.
A narrow grip (shoulder width or slightly narrower) emphasizes the smaller muscles.
The closer your grip is, the more you’ll address your triceps.


What’s your opinion on these tips and what tips would you add to help your fellow iron brother?