I had the pleasure to interview Jayfit and to have an inside look at his life. He’s going to tell you how he started and how you can follow in his footsteps.


Who are you?Jayfit

Jason Hoeflich also known as Jayfit 

Why did you start training?

I started training when I was 19 years old, I was always on and off with training,
I had no motivation, I was constantly eating take aways , drinking and staying up late.
When I reached the age of 20 I realized that I was really unfit and started getting health related issues such as lack of breath , back problems and joint problems. I was diagnosed with sciatica which is a weight related injury from being overweight and putting pressure on the spine. This caused the discs that holds the spine to weaken. Which put shooting pain on the nerves that run from the spine to the lower ankle. The pain was unbearable.
I got to a point where I was around 105kg with over 30% body fat. Doctors told me the only way I could reduce the pain was by weight loss.

What’s the biggest challenge you overcame?

Keeping consistent with training and dieting, I tried for months training and dieting.
But the dieting was so hard because I had never done it before in my life. I tried and failed many times with this, until i realized I was lacking motivation anJayfitd my visions of the end result were not clear. I then wrote down my goals on a paper and set myself a goal.
I figured that short-term goals will be the only way to get there. I set weekly goals such as a weigh in every monday, take videos talking to the camera and showing what I have done for the week. Clearly showing the stomach and body and what I will do the next week. It might sound silly, but over time I kept making daily videos and after 10 weeks I went back and looked at the videos from day 1 and wow!!!

I had gone from having
hanging fat on my stomach to a 6 pack of abs! Even my face went from round to seeing the actual jaw line.

Even better! The back problem went away and now there is no pain at all!! I connected some of the videos together on movie maker showing the journey and now it has been a huge hit and motivation for hundreds of people!

What’s your moto?

Vison it and believe it. We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves so keep your goals in mind and do whatever it takes to get there.

How did you accomplish your goals?

I am happy with the results I have. I want to keep my body looking fit and want to help everyone with the same goals to do what I have done (lose body fat). I have uploaded my video of my journey on my page “Jayfit” to keep everyone motivated. I also want to get sponsored one day with supplements to help keep myself fit and help my fans on their journey.

How does a day in your life looks like?

I am a self-employed trainer, coach and father. I set diet plans for my people and also do online coaching.

During the day I take my son to school and train my people at the gym and local park. I myself, train 1 hour every day anytime I am free. I eat 6 meals per day which are 3 hours apart.
I keep my carbs low and keep my protein and good fats intake high to keep body fat low. An average meal in my day will be chicken breast, broccoli and a handful of almonds.

What challenged you the most?

Having family and friends eating out regularly made it hard to keep my diet on point. I had to keep my mind strong and make sure I had all my meals prepared for the upcoming day.

What tip would you give to someone who has just started this journey?

Write down your goals on a paper. Record yourself and tell the camera what you are going to do and how long it will take you. Remember ! Vision it and keep it in mind! Verbally saying your goals will also make you believe it!

Do you think you are (or that you can be) a role model for people just starting out? and why?

I know I am a role model for people as I have proof of my journey and have my own experience of being overweight and having health issues, to where I am at now.

Guiding people through their journey and witnessing it is more than a pleasure for me and I strongly advise everyone to like my page and message me for online coaching. I will get you to your goal. (he said smiling) 

Body stats :

  • Height : 178 cm
  • Weight : 85 kg
  • Born : 25-02-1992


If you want to follow Jayfit’s journey, you can have a look at his Facebook page.