I had the pleasure to interview Shah Rukh, He told me more about his journey so far.
Find some inspiration and motivation in his story.

shah rukh

1. Hey Shah, can you tell us something more about you?

Well I love bringing fitness and training into people’s live. I have a lot of interest in sports which also brings me toward bodybuilding. At this moment I’m sponsored by Revlabs.

2. What got you started in the first place?

What got me started was my interest for sports. I later passed this on to bodybuilding, which developed a lot stronger over time. It was hard in the beginning as i couldn’t make up much time to reach my goals. But I needed that something to be feeling confident and making myself a better person. This slowly became a part of my life as I developed results.

3. What was/ is your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is seeing the transformation of my clients as well as mine. When I look back at my starting point and how I am slowly making my way up there, it just allows me to push harder every time I’m in the gym.

4. For how long are you working out by now?

I been working out excessively for about 6 to 8 months.

5. What do you love most about your body?

I love my abs! mostly even though I am bulking (trying to gain mass) I try to keep them visible.

6. Can you give us an overlook of what a day in your life looks like? (training, meal prep…)

Well I usually start my day off with a heavy breakfast, than I go and check my social media websites. I connect with clients and update them if they have any questions and I try to prepare my meals all at once for the rest of the week.

7. What kind of diet are you currently on?

I am actually on a bulking mass gain plan, my goal is getting to 200 Lbs.
My diet includes 7 meals a day.
In the morning I start with the biggest and then slowly throughout the day I have 6 other meals. Including chicken, lean beef, coconut oil and a veggie yogurt protein shake.

8. In your opinion, what attribute(s) does a successful fitness model need?

I believe a successful fitness model needs great social media channels to improve their visibility and to get well-known in the fitness industry. It’s also a way to communicate with other people in the business. This’ll slowly expand and grow your presence, and on the other hand your physique is what will lead your career into the next level.

shah rukh9. What is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest accomplishment so far is the progress I’ve made already. From where I started at 120 Lbs and now I am 170 Lbs which is a big change, especially for me.

10. What are you goals? both long and short-term?

Well my long-term are to get around 230 Lbs and then make a clean cut to finish at 200 Lbs.
 My short-term goals are to gain muscle and try to stay as lean as possible, also my long-term is to slowly expand in the market and create a known name in the fitness industry I have always dreamed of.

11. To end this interview, what tips would you give others that are just starting out?

Well my first tip is a lot of people when they start they don’t have a diet in place or a decent workout program. They believe what they’re doing is right but in fact when I talk a lot of new people I learn they don’t really know what they’re doing. They haven’t set goals and there workouts are the same routine followed everyday. This is something I don’t recommended, people think just because you eat veggies you should start seeing results. It’s important to look at your body’s macro/micro calories and go as it fits your macro’s.

My best advice is get some help if you feel like it’s not working or if it’s not going your way. Put in the research yourself before you take any actions fitness related. Fitness is a lot of knowledge used in the right way. So start of by doing a bit of research before you start!

body stats :

age : 18

height : 5″11 / 1,8m

weight : 170 Lbs /77kg

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