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Pernille Leed

1. Hey Pernille, can you tell us something more about you?

I am 21 years old, I live in Denmark and I’m a bodyfitness/figure, junior athlete. At the moment I am preparing for a trip around the world during spring and the beginning of the summer. This way people can follow me on my website and see how I stay on top of my fitness schedule and prepare myself for the nationals. Even though I am traveling around the world visiting all sorts of places, including the famous Golds Gym in L.A

2. What got you started in the first place?

I went to support a girlfriend of mine at the Danish national championships back in 2013 and just by watching that, I said to myself that next year I wanted to be on that stage myself. So basically the decision was made already at that point and I never looked back since.

3. What was/ is your biggest motivation?Pernille Leed

There are three sources of motivation for me. First of all I am really motivated by the people I have managed to inspire. I love seeing webpages, Facebook and Instagram. These are actually helping people out with diets and training tips. The last two sources are somewhat in the same field. I am very competitive and my main goal in this fitness industry is winning medals. I want to be the best while seeing my body improve from month to month. Just as the means to the end goal is very motivating for me and makes me strive for making improvements every single day in my life.

4. For how long are you working out by now?

I have been lifting weights for around 2 years. It is only my second season of competing here in 2015, but I have been doing sports for many years. Since I was a kid I used to play handball, badminton, swimming, boxing and so on. But I also spend quite a few years as a horse rider on a very competitive level. I won quite a few championships during my 5 years as a horse rider which got me a strong pair of legs.

5. What do you love most about your body?

I think that would be my back and legs. Those are the two muscle groups I see as my strongest attributes on the stage and also the two groups I would never neglect to train. I am not a fan of giving up strong parts in order to bring weaknesses up to par.

6. Can you give us an overlook of what a day in your life looks like? (training, meal prep…)

If I am in contest prep I would get up very early and go for a 45-60 minute power walk followed by breakfast.
I would have prepped all my meals the night before so I can grab my food and go to work. I usuPernille Leed 3ally get home after work really quick and relax for half an hour. After that I had off to training and possible workout four 1-2 hours depending if I have a second cardio session. After my training I head back home to prepare dinner and meals for the next day. Then I think to myself that I’ve earned my rest for the night.

7. What kind of diet are you currently on?

I am not following any specific diet such a paleo, atkins or anything like that. I am a firm believer of eating normal healthy food. This way I am not really restricted in any way according to food choices. Currently I am in off-season so I eat around 2000 calories with a cheat day once in a while. But when I feel that my weight is standing still I up the calories to build mass. Here you can see different pictures from my website that illustrates how my daily food choices could look like.

8. In your opinion, what attribute(s) does a successful fitness model need?

Charisma. You need that natural glow/shine to make you stand out from the crowd along with having a good symmetry to your physique. It’s not enough just having the physique.

9. What is your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievements is probably my debut to the fitness scene. I took 2nd place at my very first competition and qualified for the Danish national championships where I took 3rd place against competitors who had way more experience than I do. So I exceeded my own expectations and that motiPernille Leedvates me to go for it again this year.

10. What are you goals? both long and short-term?

My short term goals are the Danish nationals this year and then hopefully be able to compete international in the spring of 2016.
My long term goal is first of all, to be able to make a living of being an athlete and fitness model and someday I dream of competing in the Olympia figure division.




Body stats :

Born : 24-06-1993

Height : 171 cm

Weight : Off season weight: 65-66 kg
On season weight: 58 kg

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Instagram: PernilleLeed