Nico Verresen is a European muay thai champion from Belgium.
He also masters Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ.

Hey Nico, tell me something more about you?

1. what prestige and prices did you get in your career?

I was 5 times Belgian champion Thaiboxing, European Champion WFCA, Vice World champion Thaiboxing, The first power of Scotland tournament champion, fought against Thailand’s pound for pound n°1 Saenchai sor Kingstar and won against Japanese MMA legend Rumina Sato.

2.How did you get into the sport(s)?

As a child, I was fascinated by two things: heights and fighting. I dreamed of how it would be like to be a knight, ninja, samurai, assassin, Native American warrior or Viking all the time. At age 10 I started doing traditional jujitsu but after a year or two I was sick of doing push-ups because I was sparring too aggressive.  So with a bad taste, I decided not to get into anything soft anymore.  But the only thing that seemed hard enough at the time was boxing, and that was not oriental enough for my taste. But my fascination with Martial Arts still stood up straight and proud. So when I saw Muay Thai at age 14, my pupils dilated like an atom bomb, my heart pounced in my neck and a smile that still marks my face appeared. It was love at first sight and I still am married to her.
But, promiscuous as a man can be, after 10 years of competition, my lust got triggered by the rough beauty of Mixed Martial Arts. When my Muay Thai career was in somewhat of a slump, I started grappling and BAM. I had a polyamorous relationship. In this threesome, I was the lucky guy.

3. What moment in the ring will stay with you for the rest of your life?

Three moments engraved themselves in my mind.
First let’s talk about my first love, eight limbs striking. After a successful season with 8 victories and 2 KO’s, I was paired against a former top 3 Lumpini (the main league in Thailand) fighter Somphot Thotla. He was a bit heavier than me and his first kick snapped me into reality. This was going to be a total war. The first two rounds he really hacked into my arms like the lumberjack he is. It was the first time that I became aware of pain in a fight.  I kept fighting back but it was no picnic. In the third round, I found my piece of meat though when my shin in his neck send him to the canvas but he took me with him with a simultaneous middle kick. From that moment, I started chewing on him as much as I could and took a well-deserved victory with me. The broken arm the fight left me with, was a bit of a hassle though, trying to pour some beer into me to celebrate the victory.
The second is my European Title against the IFMA amateur world champion at that time. It was a 5 rounder with the both of us going to work. We really went on like two caveman trying to win over the last female on earth. We kicked, punched, kneed and sweeped as the machines we were.  10 seconds before the bell went, I heard my trainer shout: high. And before I knew it, I was standing in the ropes, hands in the air and my opponent still far away in wonderland on the canvas.
Now, enough about my old love. My mistress gave me also one of the greatest experiences. I was gladly honing my BJJ and wrestling skills here and there in Belgium, when I got a phone call of my former management whether I wanted to accept a last minute fight against Rumina Sato in 10 days. The picture of him flying arm baring a guy flashed before my eyes. This guy is a legend. Off course! The next seven days I worked with Wim Deputter and Arbi Muradhov to sharpen my defensive shield and flew off. Jet lagged, amped up and with complete focus that ring became mine. I knew I only had a small chance against this mini giant and there was no way I was going to let this opportunity go by. He attacked, took me down and before I knew it, I was scrambling to defend a reverse triangle and foot lock at the same time: fucking wizard. Luckily, I managed to break his spell and got back to my feet. He took me down again but I reversed him and I ground and pounded with all I got. Back to our feet I went to work, kept him from falling back over the ropes ( a gentleman before everything) and an uppercut right cross finished the fight and gave me my 2nd MMA victory. I can tell you, it is the greatest feeling in the world.
(Don’t forget to watch an awesome video of this fight at the end of the article. )

4.What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in a fight?

Knees to the head and the right high kicks are my sweet techniques to send the audience to one of their climaxes.

5. Who’s your biggest inspiration?

In MMA, I have to say, It is Aldo. That would be a dream of a battle. Hard AND technical striking wise.

6. What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?

That I love feeling alive. Nothing makes me feel more like a man, strong and with persistence and clear focus in life, as did my fight career. It has given my life and character strength, structure and great experiences. It feels like being myself, before everything.

7. If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?

See question 5.thaiboxing

8.What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?

My fighters heart, warm personality and mental toughness.

9.What are you expecting to accomplish next in the fighting world?

At the moment, I am taking a break to get my business to a livable level. In the start-up phase, I had no time for training. Now I am back to 11 hours a week (muay thai, strength and conditioning). With a personal training and psychotherapy business however, it is hard to train at night so I ll have to look into getting more private trainings into my schedule.
Normally, I would have been living in the states for a year now. I was going for the ultimate fighter and had a contract with team Bombsquad in the New York area. Right before I would fly out of Belgium, I found out I had torn both of my retinas so I had to get surgery immediately. After three months of obligated rest (I could not even do weight training or running), I decided to leave my mistress for what she was. The heightened risk for eye injuries because of eye pokes, was not worth it anymore. It stings but I think it is the wisest decision.
Muay Thai wise, I have to see in the next few months if it is financially feasible to get myself ready for other fights. Because if I decide to go at it again, after 5 or 6 buildup fights, I would like to go for the world title against a Thai or other top opponent. But as the purses in the lower weight divisions are no treasures, I’ll have to see if it is attainable. I am getting too old to just get by.

10. Now you’ve started your own business, 2yourtop. Can you tell me something more about that?

I started my business 2yourtop to help people to create the life they want. Depending on their wishes I help them moving into the direction of their physical, psychological, social, and sensual and / or performance goals.
Here I can, as a fighter AND a lover, help people fight through their barriers and create a lifestyle that makes them proud and happy.
As a psychologist and because of my autonomous studies in NASM and other training methodologies, I offer a unique and professional approach to mental and psychophysical coaching, personal training and psychotherapy.
You can find more information about my business HERE

11. Last questions, what would you tell young kids that want to start with a fighting career

Go for it, a fighting career will strengthen your character, makes you more a man and helps you to develop the necessary skills to really succeed in life.
Be aware though that (certainly the lighter weight divisions in Muay Thai and European MMA) it is very difficult to get around just being a pro fighter. Also know that becoming a great fighter is not enough. The higher levels of the fight game are a business which means:
You are like an actor, you will have to stand out of the crowd and sell yourself well. Become popular.
Learn to know and befriend the right people. Every business still is a networking game. Befriending powerful people has to be up on your to do list. I was not the best example of this.
Keep your passion and your drive. When you think you are almost there, when it is hard, remember. The life of a pro fighter is heaven for those who are born for it.


(Nico Is the one on the left )

Well that were all the questions I had for you.
Thank you Nico, I’m sure you have inspired a lot of people to pick up a fighting sport!
I also want to thank you for being on here and I wish you best of luck with 2yourtop.

If you want to see Nico Verresen fight, you can have a look at the video below :