You love to workout but one day you’ll get injured and you’ll be out of the game for months. You see your gains shrinking, day after day and week after week. But what if I told you that most injuries can be avoided?


Follow these 3 tips and find out how to prevent injuries.

how to prevent injuries

1. Use correct form

I know I’ve told you this already but it is important. I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s no shame to ask for advice when you feel that you’re doing something wrong. Most people love to help you out because they know how it was when they just started out.

You can learn this through watching others in the gym or online. But the best is of course to have someone from the gym itself, that’s watching you. Even if you’re using weights for some time, you can always ask for someone to correct you on the small details. Sometimes these small changes will make a big difference.

2. warm up

Never start your exercise cold. Get some blood flowing first to give your body some time to prepare for heavy work. You can do this in a lot of different ways. Personally I like to run for 5-10 minutes and warm up every set with 15-20 reps with a light weight I can handle with ease. Of course you can choose the way you want to warm up, just make sure to actually do it.

What is a good warm up exactly?

a warm up actually has 2 purposes

– To enhance performance :

When you’re relaxing ( like reading this awesome article) you’re producing a relatively low blood flow. This is around 15-20% that’ll flow to your skeletal muscles. Most of the small blood vessels will be closed. After training / warming up for around 10 minutes, your blood flow will have increased to 70-75%.

Along with the extra blood flow, your muscle temperature will increase. This means that the hemoglobin in your blood is releasing more oxygen.

More blood + more oxygen = better performance

– To prevent training injuries :

Your muscles will warm up (as said above) but this also means that the heat causes physical changes in connective tissues that’ll make them more “elastic”. When your muscles are cold, the chance to get a tear will more than double.

how to prevent injuries

3. Don’t use too much weight

When can you say that you’re using too much weight?
If you can’t control your movements, it’s too much. Remember to always have full control over every exercise you do. This will ensure that you’ll get the most out of every workout, you’ll get a good pump and you’re making sure not to get injured.

Never forget that the weights obey the law of gravity, It’ll always get pulled down. And before you know it, you’re following your weight on its way down. (just like this guy)

Keep these 3 tips in the back of your head and you should be fine. Of course it can still occur that you get injured but the chances will drop significantly.

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