You want results? GREAT! But you can’t get them over night… You’ll need patience and wit to build your dream physique.


Being fat and suffering with obesity has become one of the biggest problems for people nowadays. The ones who suffer from it, also suffer from psychological stress which is becoming very hard to shed off unless they shed off the extra weight. The person’s nature, their qualities are completely overshadowed by his or her weight. The society’s behavior towards them is what they are mostly disturbed by. In such case the only and rather the best way of shedding off this criticism is to shed off the extra weight. Going to a gym or yoga is worthless unless you learn some control tips to control your living and eating habits.

Some fast controlling tips :

  • Patience (It took time to gain weight so it’s only natural that it takes time to lose it.)
  • Write everything down, what you eat, training habits….
  • Find a workout/nutrition program to follow (It’s easier if you only have to follow some rules instead of creating them)


Control of your weight is best when you’re able to combine a fitness routine with a proper diet plan. Even expert trainers in your gym would advise you to follow a healthy regime which would facilitate a faster and better weight loss regime. There are many such tips to consider if you are wishing to take up diet control along with your gym or yoga schedule. Let’s go through some of them.

The first and the most important advice is that diet control does not imply that you shouldn’t eat anything. This is what people usually mistake dieting as. It means actually to have a controlled food intake which nowhere implies having no food. By eating controlled food we mean a food low in fats, carbohydrates and calories but high in proteins. Proteins are very important building blocks of our body and thus you should have them in an ample quantity to achieve our goals.

The people that are suffering while losing weight have a problem (most of the time) of being highly impatient. They expect to have quality results within a month or so of their workout. It is this aim of theirs  which makes them fail in their efforts. They lack to patience to follow something more than a couple of weeks. These people in the aim of faster loss, often over exhaust themselves with exercise or not enough food.

This has more harmful effects on their health as they become highly exhausted and stressed. Most of the time something like a Jojo effects appears. They have a fall back and instead of a cheat meal they have a cheat day. And soon that day will turn into a week… BANG back in their old situation and habits.

Weight loss also requires some amount of a person’s wit. Unfortunately impatience destroys that wit. In such a case having a proper guide or plan is very crucial. This will  tell you what to do and for the sake of your goals you must listen to them rather than following your own ideas.

Don’t get discouraged. Because shedding of weight is like shedding a part of your body which necessarily requires patience and obviously a healthy diet.

It is difficult to be patient BUT to waste the reward for patience is a lot worse

I hope this could inspire some of you guys on your journey. Remember that you are not the only person going through this hard time! There are thousands of people with the same struggle as you. But you know what? There are also thousands of people that already wend through those hard times and are finally reaping their reward. Don’t get discouraged! Just keep on fighting for what you want.
REMEMBER that you always have our support!