Superhuman strength, who doesn’t want to have it? Something to show off with and to be proud about. Let me tell you something, You can obtain superhuman strength with a little practice.


One of the most important things is your mental state of mind.
You should believe in yourself, you should know before you do anything that you’ll succeed. You’ll be able to lift that weight!

I have a great example for this : imagine in your mind someone who breaks rocks with his hands. The secret is to DECIDE you want to move your arm from point A to point B. That’s it, the rock will have to give in for your arm.

When you set a goal to yourself you’ll do everything possible to reach it. It’s the same with lifting. Don’t be afraid off it but master it and take control.

Here are some other exercises that will give you superhuman strength and that will build up a strong foundation.

-Flat bench press

This counts as a compound movement but you’ll especially train your chest and triceps with this exercise. An important tip when you’re just starting out. Start light! You should add weight gradually and make sure you can handle the load. If you tear a peck, you’ll be out for much much longer than you’d like. You can always ask someone to spot you, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do it yourself but it can give you some confidence knowing that there’s someone behind you that can help you out. Nothing bad can happen with a spotter on your side (at least if he doesn’t get distracted by the blond girl at the other side of the gym)

3 things you should pay attention to

  1. Technique :
    Learn how to do it properly, don’t start of to heavy and always have control over your movements
  2. Posture:
    If you have slouching shoulders you’ll encounter a problem sooner or later. Focus on bringing your chest forwards and squeezing your shoulder blades.
  3. Avoiding muscle imbalances :
    Don’t go overcompensating with other muscles because your load is too heavy. Chose a weight accordingly to your skills.


– Back squat

It’s a full body exercise where you’ll be bending through your hips and knees while carrying a loaded bar on your shoulders. It’s one of the Oldest exercises in the book, but it still provides its use! It’ll help you develop a strong foundation. A lot of people see this as a leg exercise but it does a lot more than only that. It trains your whole body (and yes, your core will get a lot stronger to) Because you’ll need to  stabilize your body. otherwise you’ll just collapse under the weight of the bar. This is a crucial exercise for gaining overall strength and muscles and in short to become a superhuman.

I see you coming with “but squats are bad for my knees” NO THEY AREN’T!
If you do the exercise wrong they are, but when you pay attention to your form there isn’t anything bad about it. On the contrary it will even make your lower back and knees stronger than ever before.


– Clean and jerk

No it’s not only used in crossfit! It’s a great shoulder exercise that will blast your shoulders into growth!  But once again it trains a lot more than just your shoulders. Remember that it’s a very technical lift, don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work from the first time. With a little practice and patience you can get a long way.

How do you do it?
Keep your arms straight -> pull slow from the floor and fast from the top -> keep the bar close to you -> stomp the floor with your feet -> rack with your elbows high.

Again, practice it with a low weight you can handle before moving up to bigger weights. It really is important!


– Wide  pull ups

You want a V shape, This is THE exercise you should be doing! And the great thing is that you can almost do it everywhere. no fancy gym equipment needed. Just grab the bar with an overhand grip (shoulder width) and pull yourself up from a dead hang. The wider you put your hands the heavier the strain on your shoulder joint will be. Try to do one more rep each week!

Even if you can’t manage to do it just yet, you can start out with elastic bands, friends that push you up a little, swing yourself up and try to move down with as much control as possible or just start off with lateral pull downs.

– Deadlift

If you want to see an exponential muscle growth over your whole body this is a great way to do so! And it’s just fun, because you can lift heavy ass weights. But it’s really important to pay some extra attention to your form. you don’t want to be the guy that pulled himself a hernia! Don’t worry, if you do it right this won’t happen.

How do you do it?
Stand with the bar above the center of your feet -> grab the bar -> bend through your knees -> lift your chest -> pull with everything you have while keeping your back straight.

Btw, it’s also a great way to eliminate lower back pain and to build that superhuman physique.


As you may have noticed all these exercises count as compound movements. Yes there is a reason for this, it’ll make sure you have an all round physique in tip-top shape. It’ll lower the chance of having lacking body parts and the need of compensation. This means that you’ll have a lower chance of getting tears and injuries. Your muscles will be working together as they should and they’ll supplement your total power.

If you’ve done these exercises a couple of times a week, I can guarantee you that your results will skyrocket! You’ll look better, you’ll feel better and most of all you’ll be a lot stronger.

The only thing left to do is buying a superman cape and underwear so you can start your career as a superhero defeating bad guys!