Dear past…
I thank you for all the lessons you’ve taught me.

Dear future….
I am ready!

Uriah Hall: Succession from Bobby Razak on Vimeo.

Have you determined clear goals that you can measure your success by? If you have, then you’re ready for the future.

However, I also have to ask…

Are you the type of person that is stuck between the past, present and future?

There have been many conversations that are taking place over the years with regard to what is the secret to true success. To me ones success is equivalent to the things that we repeat, whether they are the lessons from the past the successes from the present or the desired habits and clearly defined goals for the future and in life overall.

Let’s say for example you want to become physically fit strong and become a leader in all areas of your life.

The question you would ask yourself : are the actions that you’re taking daily leading you to those results or do they keep you away from those results? When you see that wonderfully sexy piece of chocolate cake are you in control where you can walk by it without taking a single bite. Or are you one that nibbles just a little bit just so that you can satisfy that taste that you may have a desire for?

In those two scenarios a successful person knows and understands the results of the cumulative effect of their actions. They choose to stick to the plan that is working for them at the current moment and maintain their diet, maintaining the physical fitness routine and improving their overall physical health.

I once wrote a blog post with regard to whether or not math is working for you or against you. In a blog post I discuss how the cumulative results of your actions determine the quality and success of your life.

Each day whether paying attention or not can be challenging. We all wanted things to happen, have love and success regularly. We also want to know that the time that were spending doing what we choose to do is leading us to be successful result. That’s where tracking and measurement comes in.

By tracking your results daily, we begin to realize where we’re slipping as well as where we’re being successful. When we don’t track there’s no way to measure whether we’re winning or losing. It is truly my hope that every individual has the highest level of success possible, so tracking is a requirement.

Are you tracking how much you eat every day are you tracking the time and the miles you run?
The workouts that you have in each day?

By having these mesurables in mind you can begin to know the exact roadmap for you to get to where you want to go because you have a baseline. Its one of the best ways to get to the point where life is good and assures success in life.Our Dreams

Here are the 7 things that you will need to ensure your success:

  • 1. Clearly defined and measurable goals for high level results. Gives you something to push for and challenges you when you hit a plateau or in some cases a wall.


  • 2. Tracking that will clearly let you know that you are having success or need to make adjustments. I am a strong believer that there are no failures just lessons on how not to do something.


  • 3.  Develop the ability to visualise your wins in advance. It give you the feeling that you have been there already and makes it comfortable even before it starts to take hold in your life.


  • 4. Fuel your body. You have to make sure that you are putting good stuff into your body and mind. Its like preparing for war you want to make sure you can last until you win.


  • 5. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. They don’t have to necessarily believe in your goals or dreams that just need to be willing to support you when you might have one of those “Lesson Opportunities” take place.


  • 6. Believe that you are AWESOME! When you have that as a foundation you can survive when any of the others don’t quite work out as planned and allows you to bridge the gap until any issues are resolved.

The consistent application of the steps will ensure your level of success. Remember its like building blocks. What you build is up to you.

Its your life you deserve all the success and results you can create!


+Raphael Love