To empower others is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone. This will possibly and hopefully shape and rebuild them into a better version of themself.


You can help someone by putting the effort into it!


Every person on earth needs motivation every now and then. There are different ways to get this motivation, and one of them is by other people. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of other people on us, since we are social creatures and shaped by our environment. Many successful people wouldn’t be so successful if there wasn’t someone who kept believing in them, against all odds.

Like Abraham Lincoln said: ‘I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down’.

I think helping someone to believe in themself, is one of the greatest things you can do for another person.

First of all, the intention to empower people isn’t about changing or recreating people. That’s all up to them. The only thing you can do, is being a positive influence. And sometimes, this influence really can have a big impact on someone’s life. So, how can you be that positive influence?



Create a safe environment. Since we’re all human, we all have bad qualities and we fail sometimes. It’s hard not to criticize or judge people for this, but when you judge other people, you don’t make room for them to grow. It will only make them feel worse, incapable or unmotivated. So, create a relationship where they cannot only share successes, but also where they feel safe sharing their failures. Let them know you still have faith in them and you still accept him or her the way he or she is.

I’m not telling you to unconditionally love another person, but to unconditionally accept them. When someone still feels accepted and respected the way he or she is, even after failing or showing their bad qualities, that’s when you build up trust and a safe environment for growth. Create a positive and loving relationship. If you really feel the need to give someone critics, think first if it’s about something the other person can change or not and consider if it’s really necessary. Then, do it in a constructive way.

Don’t be afraid to give criticism. It could be important and a good way for the other person to learn and grow.

Look through their eyes. What might seem a small success to you, can be a big deal for someone else. Everyone is different and unique. If you want to empower someone, you shouldn’t force them to do things your way. Forcing things is the worst you can do. It might work perfect for you, but not for someone else. You don’t know what’s going on in someone’s head. Also, it might seem someone isn’t doing his or her best, even though that person is doing everything they can. When someone has an idea, sometimes you might not be so excited about it yourself. But maybe it means a lot for the person, so be supportive.

Reinforcement. When someone does something good, reward them. Don’t reward them with a material present. At first, it might look a good motivation, but it isn’t. It could destroy their internal motivation because the main reason to do things will be the reward. This will lower the performance. It’s better to verbally reward them. Give a genuine compliment, praise them and cheer with them. If you really want to give a material present, do it unexpected, so they won’t be focused on getting the reward.

Listen. When having a conversation, don’t talk about yourself all the time. Encourage people to talk about themself. While they are talking, don’t just hear what they are saying, but really listen and be genuine interested. Try to figure out what the person loves to talk about. Figure out their passions or things they’re proud of. It makes them feel good about themself and could stir up their passions and motivation. It’s beautiful to see the spark in someone’s eyes when they talk about these things. And besides, you might learn a lot too by really listening to other people!

Believe in their capacities. Never see another person as ordinary. Instead, believe in their capacities and think of them as really competent people with talents. When you treat someone like they have a lot of capacities, there’s a big chance they become someone with a lot of capacities. And when they fail, keep believing.

Be kind and loving. Make the other person feel loved, appreciated and be a friend. Give them a compliment. Cheer for them. Give them a helping hand. Speak good behind their back. Comfort them when they feel bad. Smile.empower

Temper you ego. Sometimes we act like we’re better than other people. We all like to feel like we’re more successful or better than someone else. And when people are more successful than us, we get jealous. Let go of this. Instead, be happy for them. If others are successful, it doesn’t mean you’re less successful or a failure. Be confident enough and know your value doesn’t decrease when other people are successful. Cheer with them, compliment, talk good and go with the positive flow.

Last but not least, be an example. Work on yourself and talk about your own successes and how you did it, in a modest way. Also, you don’t need to be successful yourself to be a good example! Talk about your failures, how you got back up and what you learned from them. These stories contain a lot of wisdom and inspire other people. It also shows it’s okay to fail and not being good at certain things. Embrace your failures and bad qualities. Furthermore, work on your positivity and be a positive influence. Being negative all the time will suck energy out of you and out of other people.

These were some tips you can use to empower other people. Always keep in mind that everyone is different, so what empowers someone might not empower someone else. That’s why you should use these tips with the person in mind. Find out what works, keep your eyes open, listen, and adapt your approach.


Let us know how you’ve helped to empower people.