(this article is a guest post by Anis Agris)


Did you know that people do everything (unknowingly) to be comfortable?

The more comfortable you feel, the easier life seems to be. The easier it seems the better it feels.



Unwillingly people let this influence them to NOT go jogging or to NOT go to the gym. This means they have to leave their comfort zone. They keep postponing the decision to make a life change. And in most cases, this life change never happens.

What other people say :

And then there are the commercials that say you have to be satisfied with what you have. Don’t even dare to aspire for more, it will only bring you down. Just be satisfied with what you are, what you do and with who you are.

You know what I say to these people? I say : “Don’t be satisfied, be ambitious”.

You only have one life to live, you should at least try to make the most out of it. Try different things and don’t be afraid to fail. Everyone fails, it’s just a lesson learned. When you’re older you’ll only regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you did.

Worst case scenario? A good story to tell.
Be honest towards yourself, what do you really have to lose?

Become a better version of yourself. Do what you love to do. Instead of doing what others say you have to, dream up your own life and leave your footprint on this society. Dare to live you dream. If it doesn’t work out, AT LEAST YOU TRIED.ambition

What do you have to do?

Do you want to be rich? Fine, work harder! Do you want a beautiful body? Go to the gym. Whatever dream you may have, there is a way to achieve it. Do your research, never stop learning and work smarter towards your goal.

Once you’ve made the choice to be ambitious, it’s time to start making a change.That’s the moment you actively start making progress towards your goal. Only after reaching every goal you’ve set yourself, you deserve to feel comfortable.

Excuses not to do it?

There are more than enough excuses around. I don’t have any money, I don’t have a job, I have no supporting friends or family.

So what?
Become your own support, no one is going to do it for you. Only you can make a difference. There is only one reason why you should push through. FOR YOURSELF

Only be satisfied after reaching your goal. There is no greater feeling than knowing you’ve made a change. Once you know you can impact other people lives. It will only fuel you towards greatness. Remember that it’s the pad less traveled that brings the greatest rewards.

Don’t be a sheep, become a lion! Every time people say you can’t do it, say “I CAN” and prove them wrong.


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