DIET, a word that not only I hate but that gives a lot of people the shivers.
A diet isn’t easy and the moment you stop you’ll get all the lost fat back on.


The good news is that you don’t have to diet but you do have to make a life change!
In the long run this is much easier, and you’ll keep the positive effect.

Maybe you’ve tried them all, some may have worked and got you great results (for some time).
When you hear the word diet you have to turn around and search something else to focus on. Sometimes a diet can even do more wrong than good…
For most of us it’s enough to just eat healthy.

What do I mean by eating healthy?
This means you’ve to eat REAL food and not al that processed garbage. If something doesn’t expire or takes a long time to do so, then it’s probably bad for you!
Don’t get me wrong here, it isn’t going to kill you when you eat processed food sometimes. As long as it happens in moderation you should be fine.


Real food is food that expires, it’s as simple as that.
Fruit, vegetables, meat (This isn’t always good but you have to search the good ones), nuts …
If you look at the backside for the information table and you see more than 3 words you don’t understand (like niacinamide or tocoperhal acetate) it’s probably bad for you.

Food is consumed not only for health, but for taste, nostalgia, and fellowship. Because food is a means to good health and also happens to create pleasure, going on a diet that restricts you from these realities is detrimental to your relationship with food. By making food the enemy, some dieters lose their enjoyment of food, which could eventually lead to a fixation on weight or an eating disorder.

Another problem these days is that we can’t digest all those processed foods, some people get food allergies or stomach ache…
If you have any health problems now like stomach ache, headaches, feeling low on energy… there is a chance it’s because you can’t process the foods you eat.
It’s your bodies way to say something isn’t good for you.

As last there is the problem of always eating the same things when you diet.
You need change in your food so you can have enough vitamins and minerals.
These are essential for your health.

Remember that dieting isn’t effective in the end, you can get some direct results but they will not help you keep the result in the end.
It’s changing your lifestyle that results in keeping the weight off.
Of course you can have some days where you try to eat less carbs or more protein… but don’t keep doing this for month after month.

What are your healthy eating tips??

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