How does Intermittent Fasting Work?
And is it effective for Weight Loss and Health Management?

The last years people often complain about poor BMI, unwanted body-fat, distorted figure, obesity and related health problems. If we delve into the depths of these problems, we will find none other than poor lifestyle, stressful regime, bad food-habits and lack of exercise as the key players.

does intermittent fasting work

The solution lies in a simple and popular technique which our ancestors used for maintaining good physique i.e. intermittent fasting. In order to use this method as a promising route to permanent weight loss and dietary means to health management, you need to set up an effective plan.

However, this is not easy and not recommended for everyone. you should seek your doctor’s advice and expert guidance before indulging in it.

Things to Remember Before you get Involved in an Intermittent Fasting Routine that works

Intermittent fasting can be adopted as a genuine lifestyle rather than a short-term weight loss program. If you do it right the resulting benefits are immense. You need to consider how you will merge this fasting program, smoothly into their life.

Depending on your weight loss goals and fasting capability, you can choose any duration between 16 hours to several days to reach your target. During the starvation period, you can have water, health drinks or fruit juices.

Two popular approaches in this cadre are a 24 hour fast and eat cycle or a 16 hour fast/ 8 hour eating cycle, once every week. While on such extended starvation period, you body adapts by changing the way it produces hormones and enzymes in a manner that increases fat breakdown instead of sugar for producing energy.does intermittent fasting work

Dieting alone doesn’t help in long-term weight reduction. You also need to figure out an exercise schedule.

In an intermittent weight loss cycle, you need to adjust your hours of eating with a proper workout technique and duration. In doing so, all the food that you are consuming gets utilized as fuel to keep your body up and running during the workout and it helps to repair muscle mass.

In this way, there is no new body fat manufactured in the process. Instead, the body’s natural fat burning capability is tapped to get rid of the existing unwanted fats.

You can set a range of targets to achieve through intermittent fasting namely:
– Fat loss,
– Muscle building
– Improve health by boosting BMI

Or a combination of all three. Depending on this answer, you can derive the exact number of hours that you need to starve, followed by the quality, quantity and time that can be spared for eating. Consequently, you are bound to discover a better fitness level for yourself.

A beneficial side effect of intermittent fasting is that it practically resets the body’s established internal systems. Once your body gets accustomed to prolonged fasting, It’s cravings for excess food declines. This makes your body less prone to feel hungry every now and then.

Because of this, excess consumption of food as a means to satisfy mental hunger will diminish.

So does intermittent fasting work?

Many people that were tired of stubborn body fat did not get benefits by traditional dieting and exercise.
But most  have successfully used the method of intermittent fasting to reap beneficial health impacts.
The woman have achieved beautiful curvaceous bodies and the men have developed more muscle mass and more visible abs through dieting and body toning through a well devised intermittent fasting program.

does intermittent fasting work