How to Get Fit When You Hate The Gym

By | September 3rd, 2014|Motivation, training|

Let’s face it, not all of us enjoy going to the gym. It’s something you can learn to love but when you’re first starting to get fit, the gym can seem like such a chore. The good thing is that you don’t need a gym to get into the best shape of your life. Here’s how to get fit when you’re really not keen on the gym.   Play a team sport […]

Find Out How You Can Get Superhuman Strength

By | August 21st, 2014|training|

Superhuman strength, who doesn’t want to have it? Something to show off with and to be proud about. Let me tell you something, You can obtain superhuman strength with a little practice. One of the most important things is your mental state of mind. You should believe in yourself, you should know before you do anything that you’ll succeed. You’ll be able to lift that weight! I have a great example for this : imagine in your mind someone who breaks rocks with his hands. The secret is to DECIDE you want to move your arm from point A to point B. That’s it, the rock will have to give in for your arm. When you set a goal to yourself you’ll do everything possible to reach it. It’s the same with lifting. Don’t be afraid off it but master it and take control. Here are some other exercises that will give you superhuman strength and that will build up a strong foundation. […]

Top Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

By | July 24th, 2014|training|

We have all been there. That moment when you’re close to giving up, the moment you’re ready to admit your loss… Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you solve your problems! Find out the top reasons you’re not losing weight and what to do about it :   – You want to much to fast : Magazines want you to think that you can lose 10 kg in a couple of weeks. Is this possible? YES.  Can you keep the results? NO. You can do a complete  crash diet that will turn your metabolic system to shreds. But is it worth it? Do you want to take fat-burners for the rest of your life? I guess not. It took time to gain all that weight, so it’s only natural that it’ll take time to lose it again. You might have heard it before but losing weight isn’t about a diet or magic pills. It’s about creating a lasting lifestyle for yourself. Don’t believe all those flashy hypes and classy diets you see on the television and in magazines! You should understand that they’re only out on your money. If there isn’t going to be a new hype, there isn’t any money to obtain. If you are serious about making a commitment and you have the desire and the will to make a lasting change in your life, then you should have a look at our packages and find out how we can help you. […]

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

By | June 8th, 2014|training|

When you want to lose belly fat fast, HIIT is your miraculous savior I know we already have a post about HIIT but here I want to share specific exercises and training with you.   If you didn’t read it yet, you should do that first before you start training. Don’t run before you can walk! Short recapitulation about what HIIT is : High Intensity Interval Training. It’s an exercise strategy where you give everything you have over a short period of time followed with a small break to recover Why is this a great thing? Full workout in less than 30 minutes Burns a lot of fat after burn effect I first have to tell you something more about spot reduction. You know, the myth that says you can get a six pack by doing 10 000 crunches. Hate to break it to you but there isn’t something like spot reduction, it doesn’t exist. If you work out, you’ll lose fat over your whole body. HIIT training at home : […]

Get Superhero Abs With These 3 Exercises

By | May 20th, 2014|training|

  Did you ever dream of getting those rock hard abs like superheroes?   Yes this kind of abs I’m talking about.         First thing you’ll have to do is stop believing you can tone up your abs… That’s total and utter BS. You can’t tone a muscle, a muscle can only get bigger or smaller. You need to get your body fat percentage low enough if you want to see them. No matter how big you abdominal muscles are, if they’re covered with a layer of fat you won’t see them! So stop doing all those crunches with the hope they’re going to land you a six pack and start losing some fat! Have a look at the top 5 fat-loss tips to help you get rid of the fat. […]

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