Big 3

First of all what are the big 3?

They are 3 of the most important compound movements.
If you ask any guy in the gym how much he can bench, I guarantee he knows.
It’s something people love to test their strength with against each other.

The other two movements are the squat and the deadlift.

You should use these movements because they will generate a lot of strength and in the process they will get you a decent amount of muscle.
When you’re doing this you’re using different muscles at the same time, in contrary to a individual exercises like the bicep curl.
As a bonus you’ll also use more calories because of the amount of energy you need to complete them.

Squat :

The squat is described as the king of all exercises. Unfortunately it often gets written of as a low body exercise, but I can guarantee it’s much more than just a lower body exercise! The squat requires a massive amount of body and core strength, core stability and plenty of mental discipline.
It also releases large amounts of the hormone testosterone into tho body, making sure you have the best environment to gain some muscle.

Be sure to treat the exercise with the respect it deserves as performing it incorrectly has the potential to cause some serious injury.

Bench press :

The great thing about incorporating the bench press into your workouts is that it’ll develop upper body strength and massive amounts of muscle on your chest and triceps.

You must first realize that the bench press requires the entire body to work. Even though the focus is on the upper body you should learn how to use your hips and legs while doing it. Using your legs correctly when benching will create more tension which is essential for more stability and strength. As a following you’ll be able to lift more and get through any training plateaus.
Creating tension in the upper body starts with your grip on the bar. Try to grip the bar as thigh as you can, it’ll help to create tension in your upper body.

Deadlift :

Regardless your fitness goals are to boost up your metabolism, increase your strength or lean body mass, rehabilitate your back or just improve athletic performance. The deadlift is marked as a “shortcut” to that goal.
It has the opportunity to create full body strength and power in a way no machine can.

In the next post you we’ll go deeper in how to do them and how to improve them.