A Better Understanding of The Body

If you know what your body tells you, you can anticipate on it and set yourself on your way to ripped.


A Better Understanding of The Body

Counting in 10 – 12 – 8 reps is a way for beginners to reach higher training intensity and can be effective to reach new levels. However a lot of people can’t reach their new goals because they keep counting their reps and therefore placing themselves in boxes.

When I train I like to close my eyes and just feel the muscle contraction do it’s work. It’s a way to get to know your body in a much better understanding way. Everything around me just disappears and my body and soul is truly one. Getting to know your own body is the key to reaching new goals.

Knowledge is power.
Stop listening to other people about how much reps with a certain amount of weight is a 100% gain – chance. If you are working out for more than a year, then it’s time to listen to your own body. The human body can resist a lot more than most people think! Push yourself beyond just 8 – 10 or 12 reps en go beyond the standard.

People who want to be average can do average reps and sets. But I know you want to do more!

Try everything! If you keep on doing the same thing over and over again in the gym, there is no new reason for the body to evolve in new ways. If you feel like an exercise is becoming to easy and you don’t feel you had a productive workout than change the routine. This is the best way to give your body a new incentive to grow. Hypertrophy can be reached by doing a lot of reps and sets in a fast order. Don’t let your body cool down between sets by talking to some random guy about how much he gained (or not). You haven’t got a productive workout if it didn’t pushed you hard enough.A Better Understanding of The Body

If you keep on counting your reps & sets you might not reach the certain load your body can truly handle. If you feel you’re getting weak during your training it means your body isn’t getting the right nutrients. Eating an apple during training can do the trick. You now have new energy to keep on going. Also, drink enough water. With a water decrease of just 3% = 10% strength loss.

If you are truly capable of listening to your body, you can also put this to use with your nutrition.

For example: if I want to recover I eat proteins (6 egg whites straight after training). If I feel weak I eat healthy sugars (apple or orange juice etc.) If I want to gain a lot of mass I eat brown bread – rice or something with slow carbohydrates.

Everybody is different so experimenting with new foods and objectively looking at those to change your body. Is another key growth in your training journey.

Personally I have much better results with eating the right foods than with protein shakes. Recent study’s have shown that from all synthetic protein that are put on the market only 25% gets truly extracted by the stomach.

My message to you is to stop believing that a protein shake can do more for you than a great meal-plan.

I hope this knowledge can help you in perfecting your training!