If you are in need of a new good book. This list of warriors books is a perfect fit for you.


1. Way of the peaceful warrior


Way of the Peaceful Warrior is a part-fictional, part-autobiographical book based upon warriors booksthe early life of the author Dan Millman. The book has been a bestseller in many countries since its first publication in 1980.

The story tells of a chance meeting with a service station attendant who becomes a spiritual teacher to the young gymnast, Dan Millman. The attendant, whom Millman names Socrates, becomes a kind of father figure and teaches Millman how to become a “peaceful warrior.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. It’s an excellent book about the human spirit. There are many important messages inside to think about. Dan follows the advice of Socrates in the book, however, it feels like you’re learning from Life itself. It really is amazing what you can do when you are truly in the now, completely present.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior: A Book That Changes Lives



2. The warrior ethos


We are all warriors. Each of us struggles every day to define and defend our sense of purpose and integrity, to justify our existence on the planet and to understand, if only within our own hearts, who we are and what we believe in. Do we fight by a code? If so, what is it? What is the Warrior Ethos? Where did it come from? What form does it take today? How do we (and how can we) use it and be true to it in our internal and external lives?

The Warrior Ethos is intended not only for men and women in uniform, but artists, entrepreneurs and other warriors in other walks of life. The book examines the evolution of the warrior code of honor and “mental toughness.”

It goes back to the ancient Spartans and Athenians, to Caesar’s Romans, Alexander’s Macedonians and the Persians of Cyrus the Great (not excluding the Garden of Eden and the primitive hunting band). Sources include Herodotus, Thucydides, Plutarch, Xenophon, Vegetius, Arrian and Curtius–and on down to Gen. George Patton, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and Israeli Minister of Defense, Moshe Dayan.

The Warrior Ethos by Steven Pressfield

3. So you’re fat and want to do something about it (our own book)warriors books

Ruben is going to give you the tips and tricks to develop a powerful and mean looking physique. But He’s going to be honest with you, the truth is that there’s no quick fix, no easy way out and not 1 super exercise. You’ll have to work for it. You’ll get back what you put in.Don’t think it’s going to be easy but it’s definitely worth it!

This isn’t a diet book, diets don’t work most of the time.That’s why this is about a lifestyle change.

Ruben is going to give you the best tips that he’s tested and that worked for him. 
Don’t forget, you’re not alone on this mission. It’ll take time, sweat and a lot of effort but it will be worth it!
 You’ll be happier and you’ll have more energy then you can now imagine. 
Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a quick fix or something like that. A quick fix never works, you have to put in all the work to reap the benefits.

To be honest, this book isn’t going to be for everyone. You need to have self-discipline. Fortunately for you this is something you can learn. You can compare it to working out your muscles. The more you use it the stronger it gets.
You must be willing to sacrifice the NOW for success later on in your life.

It’s mainly about losing fat (as the title suggests) but the warrior ethos is also waved through the story.

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So You’re Fat and You Want to Do Something About It? (Powerpressive’s books Book 1)

4. Hagakure – The Book of The Samurai

Hagakure (“In the Shadow of Leaves”) is a manual for the samurai classes consisting of a series of short anecdotes and reflections that give both insight and instruction-in the philosophy and code of behavior that foster the true s

warriors bookspirit of Bushido-the Way of the Warrior.

It is not a book of philosophy as most would understand the word: it is a collection of thoughts and sayings recorded over a period of seven years, and as such covers a wide variety of subjects, often in no particular sequence.
The work represents an attitude far removed from our modern pragmatism and materialism, and possesses an intuitive rather than rational appeal in its assertion that Bushido is a Way of Dying, and that only a samurai retainer prepared and willing to die at any moment can be totally true to his lord.

While Hagakure was for many years a secret text known only to the warrior vassals of the Hizen fief to which the author belonged, it later came to be recognized as a classic exposition of samurai thought and came to influence many subsequent generations, including Yukio Mishima.

This translation offers 300 selections that constitute the core texts of the 1,300 present in the original.
Hagakure was featured prominently in the film Ghost Dog, by Jim Jarmusch.

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

5. Spartan up

Since 2006 more than one million people have participated in Spartan Races around the world. In 2014 there will be a race every other day in 15 countries on five continents. What do these Spartans know that you don’t? They know that we all have a fire burning within us to prove ourselves. Joe De Sena has captured that invincible Spartan spirit in his manifesto for bold living, SPARTAN UP! A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life.warriors books

De Sena’s prescription for life’s insurmountable obstacles is to get off the couch and crush them through hard work and force of will. A legend in the ultramarathon community, he created Spartan Race, extreme obstacle races where no one knows what to expect, but to finish is to be transformed. Spartan Race drives participants to their very limit to learn what they are capable of and to set a new frame of reference; one they can draw upon in the face of life’s harshest challenges. Everyday disappointments and setbacks seem small when you’ve been to the other side of hell and made it back as a victor.

In SPARTAN UP! De Sena paints a picture of how he created the Spartan way of life, beginning with an unexpected challenge by a friend that got him back into shape through endurance racing. After that first race, De Sena completed more than 50 ultramarathons (in conditions ranging from -30 to 120 degrees) and 14 Ironman events, including the 135-mile Badwater ultramarathon, the 140.6 Lake Placid Ironman, and a 100-mile Vermont trail run—in a single week. The harder the race the more he loved it; he was hooked.

SPARTAN UP! is more than an insider’s view of the world of obstacle racing.
It’s a manual for the Spartan way of life, including :

• Finding the will to succeed: The first half of a race you run with your legs; the second half you run with your mind. Turn your pain into an outboard motor to drive you forward.
• Tossing your cookies: The Cookie Test can teach you how to overcome the need for immediate gratification and help you prosper in the long term.
• Changing your frame of reference: Reset your inner default as an antidote to dissatisfaction and the insatiable need for “more.”
• Getting Spartan fit: Survival of the Fittest means training outside the gym for strength, endurance and flexibility throughout the entire body—and don’t forget those burpees!
• Moving mountains: Whether metaphorical mountains or the ones on which Spartans race, what you think are your limits can be a mere starting point for transformation.

Age, gender, and physical ability are no barrier and finishers become entirely new people, without limitations, living life to the fullest. That’s why the Spartans say: “You’ll know at the finish line.”

Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life