Not seeing the fat-loss results you are training for?
You just have to follow these tips to get the results you want :

1. Monitor your calorie intake
Everyone has a six-pack the only problem is that it’s probably covered with a layer of fat.
You can do 1000 sit-ups every day of the week but that won’t get you the results you’re looking for.
If you want to lose fat you should monitor your calorie intake. This means that you should eat less calories than you burn.
That way, the body will use the stored fat as fuel and your entire body will get leaner over time.
Don’t expect it to fall of immediately, remember that it also took a long time to come on in the first place.

2. Gain more to lose more
First of all : fat is fat and muscle is muscle.
Don’t believe the bro science that says you can turn fat into muscle! it are 2 complete different things.
What is true, is that the more muscles you have the more calories you will burn.

Weight training is the easiest way to control the shape of your body. Unfortunately that isn’t enough.
A great way to do so is compound movements, which is explained here.
You’ll also have to do some cardio and watch your food intake.

Don’t know where to start? Try this fat-loss program.

3. Don’t drop all the fats
Some people believe that if you want to lose fat you can’t eat any fats or carbohydrates.
Don’t drop all of your fats, they’re responsible for your hormone production, joint lubrication and other health and muscle building factors.
There’re also healthy fats like omega 3 (found in salmon, nuts%u2026) that will boost your testosterone level, that in their turn they will help you with the muscle building

Carbs also have a significant roll in fat loss. The body needs glucose to work, many of your body’s basic functions will decrease if you fully drop the carbs.

4. You need more than just cardio to lose fat
Everyone knows someone that says cardio is all you need for fat-loss. I’m happy to tell you that isn’t true. In the beginning steady slow cardio will definitely help you a lot, but the drop in body fat is because of a new stimuli.
As you get better your body will find better ways to do the task. You’ll stop using the same amount of calories, it’ll be less and less.
Once your body adapts to the stress it’s time to shock it again.
Try interval, boxing%u2026 any sport you like, as long as it shocks the body. This will give you the best environment to lose fat.

5. Eat enough protein
Protein does more than build and repair muscle tissue.
It also increases satiety at meals, which can help you feel less hungry throughout the day.
Choose high protein meals instead of high carb-loaden meals and you’ll see results in no time.

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