We’ve had some messages (in our forum) saying that it was hard to stay accountable for your workouts. So as promised, we’re here with the top 5 proven solutions that can help you.


If you want to reach your goals, it’s essential for you to commit to them and to keep yourself accountable. If you don’t do it you’ll notice that you lose interest and that you slack off over time. It happens to the best of us, the only way that differs is how we use this experience. Do you let it form you? or do you let it destroy you? It’s your decision.


Whatever life gives you, even if it hurts. Just be strong and act like you’re okay. REMEMBER that strong walls shake but never collapse.


1. Keep a log

A log will keep you accountable for all your hard work. Planning is the key for success. Think about it like this : Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.accountable

Setting goals is an exciting, inspirational and liberating way to start with a training schedule. The best way to work towards your goals while staying accountable is by using a workout log. It has the ability to point out all your flaws and strong points. If it doesn’t work out as you planned you can look in your log and find the answer.

some tips for keeping an effective journal :

– Don’t track to many goals at the same time
– keep your log visible and convenient. Keep it simple and write down future steps you need to undertake
– Limit the self-criticism and look forward toward your final goal.

Remember : The use of a workout / training log is the BEST way to keep you accountable.

2. Tell as many people as possible about your goal

Always share your goals with friends, family, co-workers and even online support groups. If you share you goal and how you are going to achieve it, you’ll obligate yourself to put extra effort into achieving it. If you don’t accomplish what you said, you’ll let down the people you took in trust.

You can even go further by going public. Why don’t you share it on social media, like Facebook and Twitter? You’ll be able to post your goals, share your progress and keep an online diary of your progress.

Just the simple act of telling others about your goals and what you want to achieve will double your chance of achieving it. Believe me, it’s hard to feel ashamed for something you didn’t do if you know deep down that you could have made it.

3. Notice the little differences (they’ll push you further)accountable

Take time off to oversee what you already have accomplished. If you want to lose weight, weigh yourself every other week and see the difference. Think back about your starting point (with pictures) and remember the journey so far.

4. Visualize

Think about your goal. Define it as clear and extensive as possible for yourself. What does it mean for you and how will you feel after accomplishing it? Now you’ll have a much more clearer view on what you’ll have to do and how you’re going to do it. It’ll guide you through hardships and motivate you want things aren’t going your way.

Studies have shown that visualizing can increase your success rate by more than 30%.  Find out everything about visualization in our latest motivational article.

5. Work toward a goal.

A great goal is to work toward a certain event, like a 5k or a 10 k race. Registering for an event will provide you with motivation and it’ll keep your accountable for your actions. If you don’t follow your training schedule and you eat like shit, you aren’t going to accomplish your goal. BUT if you do follow the schedule and eat clean you’ll accomplish your goal with ease. All through the power of accountability.

(quick tip : sign up for a team, this way they’ll keep you accountable. Don’t let your team down!)


Watch and be amazed when you finally realize your goals!