I’m going to give you the 16 tips I wish I had when I first started training.
Make them a regular read so that you don’t forget them!


1. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular training is essential for anyone of all ages and gender.


2. If you want results, you should be training around 5-12hours a week.


3. To build muscle you need to present your muscles with overload or more resistance than they are currently used to.


4. If you leave any muscle group out, this could cause an imbalance in your muscles and possibly lead to injury.


5. Hit every muscle group at least once a week.


6. A thorough warm up is crucial.
It’ll make you able to lift heavier without the change of getting yourself hurt.

7. Always start with your larger muscle groups and then proceed to the smaller ones.

8. Free weights and compound movements with heavy loads that require the work of dozens of muscles at once will have the biggest effect on your body.
klick here for more information about compound movements.


9. Remember to drink enough water.
2-3l daily.


10. Each rep should be done with a slow and controlled movement.
Don’t just swing the weights, put your ego aside and pick a weight you can handle, this way you’ll see more results.

11. use a correct form.
It’ll help you get better results and your older you will thank you for it.


12. Try to go to complete failure in one exercise every training.
For example a drop set :

It’ll go like this :

(X stands for your maximum number of reps with that weight)
– X reps with 100kg
– X reps with 90kg
– X reps with 80kg
……. I think you get the point here

You go all the way down till you can’t even lift the lowest weight possible for one more time.
You do this without brakes.
By now you’ll know what complete exhaustion feels like!


13.  Choose a weight that’s heavy enough but also on e that you can handle with smooth form.


14. The importance of nutrition.
Learn the macro’s (protein,carbs and fats) and how to use them in your body.

have goals!
If you don’t have a goal, why are you working out so hard?
If you do have a goal this will motivate you to give your all.

General physique test.
Try to do the same test every 2 months. If you do this you can see if you progressed or not.
For exemple : 1min pushups, 1min squats, 1min leg raises and 1min pull ups
See how much you can do now, and compare it to your previous results.

Are there any tips you would like to add?